Changing A Software Development Team The Ultimate Guide

Specifically, software project management keeps development on track while keeping team members informed and projects on budget. The Execution phase of a software project spans the active work of the software development process. This, as all developers know, represents a further series of processes that include design, development, testing, and quality assurance tasks.

managing a software development team

The quality of each individual team member can make or break the team’s ability to deliver on the project goals. Therefore, you need to ensure you hire the right people for your software development team. It looks at the major problems that managers face, with a particular focus on the all-too-common problem of development teams creating something great that no one wants to use. The book gives practical advice on creating a thriving product team and provides tips for the design, development, and deployment of products that work and that users love.

Establish Channels and Methods of Communication

You have to define your needs to communicate with your remote team and schedule video and phone calls regularly throughout the month to stay up to date with all the progress. The stages are setup, and agreed upon by the project managers. Well, poor communication leads to stages of team development explained lower productivity and an increase in the number of errors, especially within remote teams. Your team needs feedback from you to know if they are successfully meeting their goals. Don’t wait until the end of a quarter or the completion of a project to provide feedback.

managing a software development team

Being transparent about what you expect from your team will help you build a successful software development team that is self-motivated and resilient. A software development team that trusts each other will be more likely to collaborate and solve problems internally without management support. In the long run, this can also help to foster a sense of family where the developers see themselves as a vital part of a large family. To ensure feedback loops become as short as possible, create a common visual language that will help develop mutual understanding among everyone on your software development team. It is best to understand that in software development, minor changes can have a massive effect downstream. For that reason, it’s critical that you provide your software development team with feedback early and often.

Empower Your Team to Make Decisions

When you lead a more diverse team, there’s always somebody knowing something about what you’re trying to accomplish or fix. Communication is one of the core five values of the XP process, and thus sitting together, or at least having a very close relationship with your peers, is highly valued. Often conversations start out of nowhere, you overhear conversations among your colleagues, and spontaneous groups are build. Basically, thanks to the use of a single tool and with a few minor adjustments, the company has managed to save time and money. So, Scan2CAD uses Trello to manage everything, from simple to-do lists to more complex workflows. For instance, their developers have adapted Trello to suit their needs.

managing a software development team

While tech specialists utilize them to record the time spent on working issues, PMs access Jira or Asana to manage software development teams and plan the project scope. Written by a Microsoft Product Manager, «Making Things Happen» looks at what it takes for leaders to get through complex software development projects. The book’s focus is on creating action within your team and how leaders can serve as a catalyst for their development teams. While it provides lots of practical advice, it’s not too dense and is a worthwhile read, especially for new managers.

Provide and ask for regular feedback

I recorded a video about the disconnect between project managers and software developers. Long story short, my coding nights turned intodrafting business requirementsand coordinating milestones with the technical team. My CTO was a brilliant engineer and a great leadership model, but sucked at project management – so I had to step in and learn fast in order to get the ball rolling.

managing a software development team

As an engineering manager, taking the administrative work off your team members’ plate gives them the space to focus on their primary tasks – coding. As such, save your team’s time by handling all non-technical work yourself whenever possible. You’re likely to trust your team more if you set up processes and clear project guidelines at the beginning of every project, so your team knows what to expect. A process-oriented approach with documentation incorporated lays the foundation for a strong team.

What is software development project management?

Take a closer look at people who have worked for at least 5 years in the domain in question, those who have been employed by large- or medium-sized companies who value a good workplace culture. The thing is, it’s not enough to lock them in a room and give them a deadline. An efficient team isn’t just about professionalism; it’s also about how the team members interact. Only a truly efficient team can deal with the workload faster and be more productive. And generally, it’s always nice to work with a team that, well, doesn’t mess up. As an option, you can make soft skills and personal aptitude tests as part of your recruitment process.

A project management tool can help you distribute information more seamlessly and keep and share files in one place. Another critical aspect in managing a development team is to allow your engineers the time to code, recognize their skills, and show them you trust them to do their job. As a technical manager, it’s your job to clearly define the development work’s scope and the expected deliverables within a specific timeframe. It’s no secret that the tech industry has presented many progressive work-from-home policies over the years. Recent research suggests that tech professionals consider remote work to be an important perk, which means it’s essential to know how to manage remote developers. Understanding how to manage a team of developers without tech experience might seem overwhelming, but fear not; there are plenty of non-technical strategies you can leverage to manage effectively.

  • Bottlenecks in communication with the dedicated software development team might be internal or external.
  • It is true that the remote software development model brings many advantages, from cost-effectiveness to a performance boost.
  • The perspective is paramount to avoid moving down the wrong path.
  • Teams may find themselves not capable of delivering if a project requires deep specialized skills and expertise.
  • Utilizing the right set of tools can help to structure workflow for a remote team efficiently.

Some teams will write down their working practices into what is known as a playbook. The dxw Playbook is an excellent example of a team writing things down. If a meeting has happened between two people, outcomes should be written up and shared with relevant people. People who weren’t in the meeting can benefit and get much-needed context.

Tips for Managing Software Developers Effectively

Your team should complete this work through your chosen development workflow. Using the steps above with a carefully hired software development team of technical professionals, you can accelerate your projects and maximize productivity in the process. It’s easy to place too much focus on technical output at the cost of team-building and communication when managing a software development team. You know there are different roles within a software development team, including the UX designers and the quality assurance specialists, along with the developers themselves. But even within those departments and teams, there are diverse responsibilities and specialties. Using the proper SDLC methodologies and engineering project management software, tech managers can lead their teams to success and expedite development with minimal costs.

Schedule communication

It will take only a few extra minutes from a candidate, but it will help you evaluate their personal skills and ability to perform well while working remotely . A self-managed professional is a person who doesn’t require constant supervision and direction from an authority team member. They have an exceptional ability to work autonomously and provide excellent results while taking full control of their actions and outcomes.

The to-do lists of the engineers from your team can be very long. Especially in the development world, where issues appear overnight and need to be fixed immediately, it can become challenging to know how to prioritize their tasks. You can unlock your team’s full potential only if they know exactly what objectives they need to meet. Communicate these goals clearly and provide a list of straightforward tasks with meaningful priorities. What are the most important soft skills for managers to offer their teams returning to… We’ve stated the importance of product understanding many times.

For instance, at Help Scout, a global software remote company, they prioritize good communication because their developers mostly communicate over chat. This comes as no surprise since anyone who works remotely needs to be able to get their point across to other team members through email, video chat, and other online means of communication. Furthermore, if developers do not provide feedback to their peers early, they might make assumptions that can make the project go off-course. The reality is that providing feedback can help to spark conversations about things that may be unclear. The longer it takes for team members to provide feedback, the harder it will be to find possible problems and find solutions.

Also, try to hire independent devs and treat them to a get together once in a while. Instead of piling on more systems and tools, some companies prefer to use Trello to meet all of their needs. One dinner can be about cross-company gratitude, and on another one, you can give your devs some topics to stimulate conversation. The last dinner can be a random one; your team will already have some common topics by then. A great way to make a get-together both productive and fun is to, for instance, set different objectives or themes for the event. Honestly, we wouldn’t advise you to go for the extremes and take your team skydiving or bungee jumping anyway.

Can you manage a software project without a project manager?

Therefore, 10 different engineers may easily build 10 different versions of a product – with varying flexibility, stability, scalability, and workflows. Nearly 4 months later, I was assigned to another techie who switched to a business analyst role. Suddenly, I got introduced to a couple of prospects and received an internal handbook on preparing flowcharts, feature diagrams, using case scenarios for both products.

Prior projects that potential team members have executed are an indicator of the quality of their work. You can see what kind of clients they worked with and how they managed to meet the project requirements to solve the given problem. A product manager is responsible for overseeing the success of a specific product, rather than the business as a whole. But remember that most teams work best when their members have creative freedom. You need to combine the business needs of your company with the technology your team creates. Many managers expect their team to behave in ways in which they do not personally act.